The key to all beautiful gardens always lies in the original design. We believe in working closely with our customers in enabling us to bring your ideas to life. A garden should not only reflect on this property and its interior, but also on the occupant and their lifestyle. Along with our designer a typical design process would take shape as follows.

Initial Consultation

This is an informal get together in order to discuss your requirements, likes and dislikes etc. At this meeting we will discuss with you your budget and outline an estimate of design costs, which would be subject to the size of the project. Please note that as with any purchase or investment, an idea of anticipated spend is essential in order to ensure that our ideas align with your finances.

Design Plan

Thereafter we will meet with you again and present you with a formal (to scale) plan of your garden. At this stage we would discuss any amendments we would need to make before providing you with a final cost and written quotation.

If from here our price is agreeable we will provide you with an anticipated start date for the commencement of the project.


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